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The USaS Long Endurance Aerial Platform (“LEAP”) tethered drone system team provides disaster recovery teams, communications providers, first responders, public safety and military organizations a rugged, highly mobile all-in-one tethered solution.

The LEAP Team delivers continuous power and secure gigabyte speed data connectivity to a heavy lift unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). LEAP Team’s self-contained equipment bay provides ample space and power for sensitive rack-mounted network and payload equipment.

LEAP Team is made up of five components - heavy lift UAV, UAV converter, hybrid tether, ground power station and ground control station. USaS’s custom software makes the system easy to fly and incredibly safe.

LEAP Team Product Details

  • All Features of the LEAP Solo

  • All In One System (LEAP + Data Backhaul)

  • Can Be Towed or Carried On a F250 4x4 (or similar) Truck

  • Onboard Power Generation

  • Satellite Backhaul

  • Climate Controlled Electronics Bay

  • 22 ft Heavy Weather Pneumatic Mast

  • I/O Control Panel

  • UAV and Equipment Storage

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