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In today’s world, communications infrastructure has never been more important – or more fragile.  When natural disasters strike, a large criminal or terrorist event occurs, or a special event causes thousands of people to pour into a confined area, communications slow or grind to a halt. 

While this is inconvenient for consumers, it can be a life-threatening situation for first responders, law enforcement and disaster relief personnel. 

With LEAP, communications can be provided by a tethered drone system and be back up and running in minutes.

LTE AWS / PCS / Band 14

Used by carriers to increase capacity and coverage at large outdoor events (sports, concerts, fairs, marathons, rallies, etc.). Also used to provide cellular service when the land based network is inoperable after a disaster (hurricanes, tornadoes, forest fires, earthquakes, etc.).

LEAP can provide voice, text and video to 6,000+ simultaneous subscribers and have a coverage capacity of over 15 square miles at an operational altitude of 400 ft.


Land Mobile Radio (LMR)

Ideal for first responders, government agencies and military organizations who need to establish instant communications when the communications network is knocked out or where one does not exist. This LMR network can be operational within 15 minutes.

One LEAP with an LMR payload can support hundreds of users covering up to 30 square miles at an operational altitude of 400 ft.


Mobile Networked MIMO

When high bandwidth, meshed video and data communications networks are required MN-MIMO is the solution. This payload can operate efficiently in the most demanding communication environments.

LEAP with an MN-MIMO payload can securely backhaul video and data communications to the operator's' mobile command center or a remote location.


Wireless Edge Router

First responders, disaster responders and mobile organizations requiring secure, reliable, high bandwidth mobile communications are using wireless edge routers to deliver a wireless WAN based on LTE.

LEAP with a wireless edge router at a higher altitude can provide your mobile command center with a high speed, secure data connection when the cellular signal is not strong or nonexistent at ground level.

Edge Router
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