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Long Endurance Aerial Platform

Everyone searching for a tethered drone system in the unmanned aerial systems (UAS) industry wants their unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to fly longer, fly safer, be easy to use, carry multiple payloads and transmit large quantities of payload data to the ground or remote locations quickly and securely.

USaS is dedicated to creating UAV products that meet these industry needs.  USaS’s Long Endurance Aerial Platform (LEAP) is the industry's heaviest payload capacity and secure data transmission system, which can be airborne for 24-hour periods before landing.

By working with the leader in the industry, as the sophistication of applications served by UAVs expands to include AI-based analytics, broadcast quality video and multiple sensors sending gigabytes of data, you will not be constrained by the limitations of untethered UAVs or smaller, non-industrial tethered systems. With security against malicious actors also growing in importance, the LEAP system's payload data and command and control are protected by a secure, hardwired, closed loop.

The LEAP system is designed to support the unique requirements of the communications, surveillance, counter UAV and inspection industries. To minimize operational cost the LEAP system can be controlled and the payload data can analysed in real time from a centralized command center located miles from the mission site and beyond visual line of site (where allowed).

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