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Not only is LEAP the most powerful, longest flying, fastest data transmitting UAV platform available, it is also the most flexible.  Rather than being purpose built for a single mission, LEAP is a generic platform that can carry, power and create an air-to-ground communication link for whatever payload your mission requires.  LEAP can handle numerous cameras, sensors, lighting packages and communications devices of any type and from any manufacturer.  And if your mission calls for multiple functionality at once (e.g., cameras and temporary lights, or LMR and a camera), LEAP can carry both.

USaS has a growing catalog of payloads that have been certified as LEAP payloads.  That means they are airworthy and operate effectively on LEAP, and so can be provided to clients for lease or purchase.  If USaS does not have the payload a client needs, USaS can also test and certify clients’ payloads.  Overall, USaS wants clients to use their LEAP system whenever any mission calls for high power, heavy lift and persistent flight.  To do this, LEAP will continue to build its catalog of certified payloads.

To learn more about certified LEAP payloads or having your payload certified, contact USaS at

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