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When it comes to infrastructure inspection, nothing is more important than excellent results with no wasted effort.  Whether a result of their inability to carry the most sophisticated cameras, too-short mission duration, limited data storage and data transmission capabilities, or some combination of them all, current inspection UAVs do not produce the results needed.  


When their limited communications capabilities, slow data speeds and multiple battery change interruptions cause extra crew hours and days to be spent onsite, current inspection UAVs waste far more time than they save. 


But with LEAP’s tethered drone system's heavy payload capacity, persistent and uninterrupted flight times, and lighting fast data transmission speeds to the ground or distant control centers, the problem of poor results with much wasted effort is solved.

Optical - IR Inspection

Optical / IR Inspection

High definition optical or Infrared cameras systems provide the operator with a clear live and recorded view of the inspection. Adding artificial intelligence to the inspection process provide the additional benefit of real time inspection analysis. This analysis can be conducted locally or remotely.

LEAP, with its various camera payloads, long flight duration and its 10+ Gbps secure data transmission rates, is the ideal platform for AI based inspections.

LIDAR Inspection

Combining a survey grade LIDAR with a visual inspection payload provide the operator with the best of both worlds. They will now have millimetre accuracy and a visual view of the inspection target.

LEAP’s long flight endurance and heavy lift capabilities allow these payloads to be effectively used for infrastructure inspections.

LIDAR Inspection
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