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Formed by proven UAV operators and seasoned technology executives, we bring 60+ years of experience designing and implementing mission critical hardware, software and services programs for AT&T, Nortel, Verizon, Cisco, the US government, the military and others.  Unique in the UAV marketplace, this sets us apart.


In a fast-changing industry where technology and regulations rapidly evolve, “one size fits all” will not work.  We create tethered drone system platforms versatile enough to host an evolving range of products and solutions.  Rather than demand that our clients use our UAV, camera, sensors, etc., we provide secure, powerful platforms that work with most any UAV, payload or sensor and form factor.


We listen to our customers and design solutions to meet their needs.  Whether the mission relates to communications, disaster response, surveillance, counter UAV or inspections, we know our LEAP system will be part of an overall solution with evolving and complex technology.  We work with our client and their other vendors to find what’s best for the client – not what’s best for USaS.  It's an attitude learned from years working with and for large, sophisticated companies that serves USaS and our clients well over the long term.

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