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In order to effectively identify, target and disable or destroy malicious drones, you need vision, power and capabilities.  You need to quickly get your eyes in the sky to see incoming UAV threats with cameras, RADAR, RF or laser sensors. 


You need power to carry the most effective cameras and sensors up to where the dangerous UAVs are flying, and to keep that equipment up there without interruption until the danger has been eliminated.  Finally, once you’ve acquired the target you need to send that information to targeting and kinetic systems securely and instantaneously so they can respond. 


With LEAP tethered drone system integrated into your counter UAV system, you will have the vision, the power and the capabilities you need to protect what’s important.

Visual Targeting

Once the RF targeting system has identified a threat the visual system can get eyes on target in the day or night. With a GPS based 360 degree stabilized optical zoom camera a counter UAV operator can home in on the target for countermeasures.

This camera payload can be controlled remotely over a private network.

Visual Targeting

RF Targeting

Having the ability to detect UAVs within 2 seconds at a distance of 2Km on the ground is vital to the effective deployment of a counter UAV system. Being able to have this system holding position 400 ft in the air greatly extends the operating horizon.

LEAP’s heavy lift, persistent flight capabilities improves the effectiveness of ground based counter UAV systems.

RF Targeting
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