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Once USaS’s clients realize that the LEAP tethered drone system can handle most any payload or multiple payloads at once, they want to try new payloads and new missions.  However, putting expensive payloads underneath a UAVs flying at 300, 400 or more feet is a challenging, and potentially dangerous, proposition that requires planning and testing, and is not for amateurs.

If your mission requires a payload USaS has not yet certified, send it to us.  We will create the necessary mounts, confirm the power requirements, connectors and data links, and then test your payload’s functionality in our lab and in the air.  Whether it’s a new type of camera, a special sensor or some combination of multiple payloads, USaS has the skills and experience to determine if it can and should fly, and to make it happen.

To discuss rates and availability for payload testing and configuration, contact USaS at

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