Why USaS?

USaS is the only company with experience using high power, high data transmission rates and mobile systems with heavy lift UAVs. Our experience includes:

Jan / Feb 2017

USaS built the first high powered, heavy lift tethered UAV system. That system was also the first system to provide live, real time mobile phone, internet and text connectivity via a UAV.

April 2017

LEAP was used by one of the world’s largest telecom equipment OEMs to conduct internal demonstrations of the future of flying cellular sites.

Oct / Nov 2017

USaS LEAP system using a third party’s UAV delivered wireless phone internet and text service to people in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria.

Feb 2018

USaS started delivering the LEAP units to one of the world’s largest defense contractors for use with confidential payloads requiring high power, security and high data rates.

March 2018

USaS is working with state law enforcement agencies to use LEAP as a heavy lift platform to deliver high bandwidth video and LMR communications off the same vehicle.