Why Take the Leap?

USaS is dedicated to creating UAV products that meet a hug demand in the UAV marketplace that cannot be filled by untethered UAVs or any other tethered UAVs on the market. As the sophistication of applications served by UAVs expands to include artificial intelligence-based analytics, broadcast quality video and multiple sensors sending gigabytes of data, the limitations of untethered UAVs and non-industrial tethered systems will make them unusable.

USaS LEAP Untethered UAVs Other Tethered UAV Systems
Flight Duration

Multi-hour / multi-day 20-30 minutes Multi-hours / multi-days
Usable Payload

16-21 pounds 5-7 pounds 10-12 pounds
Data Transfer Rate

1-10 Gb/sec / line* 50 Mbps 50-100 Mbps
Fly By Wire

Yes No No
Weather Tolerance

-20-120 F; light rain  snow/ 25 MPH sustained winds
LTE Enabled Controller

Yes No No
Safety Features

Onboard Batteries

Yes Yes Yes
Fly By Wire

Yes No No
Ground Batteries

Yes No Yes (some)
Gas / Diesel Generator

Yes No No
Ballistic Parachute

Yes No No
Integrated Power System Telemetary

Yes No No

*USaS can include up to two data lines per tether.