Technical Specifications of the LEAP System

While always being customizable to your mission needs, each LEAP unit shares similar base components – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, UAV Power Converter, Hybrid Tether and Ground Control System. This makes maintenance, service, repair and fleet management simpler and more cost effective. It is in the Ground Power Station where the various LEAP versions differ most.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
  High reliability, long endurance, heavy lift UAV
  X8 configuration octocopter
  Customer usable payload: 16 to 21 Lbs.
  Payload: Surveillance, communications, scanning and detection
  Operations limits: -20F to 130F, rain, snow, sand, 30+ MPH wind
  Control system: Secure tether, 900Mhz, 2.4Ghz or 4G LTE
  Real-Time Kinematic (“RTK”) positioning
  Integrated ADS-B, sense and avoid capabilities
  Safety: 8 motors, tether pwr, backup onboard batteries, ballistic parachute
  Strobe lights for dawn, dusk and night operations
UAV Power Converter
  Operational Power delivered: 2.5Kw or 5Kw
  Output power voltage: 24VDC, 48VDC or 60VDC
  Breakout dedicated power available for flight control system
  Payload power available: 12V, 24V or 48V
  Dimensions: 13.5” L X 6.5” W X 4.35” H (5Kw converter)
  Weight: 6.4Lbs (5Kw converter), 4Lbs (2.5Kw converter)
  Operational limits: -20F to 120F, light rain, snow and sand
  Data options: Fiber and gigabit ethernet
  Full suite of power generation and management telemetry
Hybrid Tether
  Power and 1 or 2 fiber optic cables with protective sheath
  Single mode or multi-mode OM3 fiber optic cable
  LC/LC connectors (can be changed on request)
  Greater that 1Gps bi-directional data transfer rates
  Operational limits: -20F to 120F, light rain, snow and sand
  Weight: 1.2Lbs to 1.6Lbs per 100ft (based on configuration)
Ground Control System
  Portable, rugged controller
  10.1” multi touch screen
  Intel core i5-347U (1.9Ghz)
  3 joysticks for UAV manual control and payload control
  Can control and monitor multiple UAVs
  Control UAV through secure tether or wirelessly
  Displays flight and tether power system telemetry
  Automated software controls for easy to fly tether operations