Government Operations

Our UAS experts have real-world experience operating light and mid-sized tactical UAS in combat. Our founder Pete Dwyer returned in early 2016 from a combat deployment as UAS Detachment Officer in Charge for the US Navy in Afghanistan. He leads an experienced team of UAS operators who can design and run both large scale and small scale operations for military, law enforcement, environmental protection, and emergency services government agencies. Pete’s background in disaster and continuity planning give him particular insight into the UAS needs of local and state first responders, enforcement, and inspection agencies.

Corporation Operations

Large and small corporations worldwide are beginning to understand the cost effective use of drones in their business. From inspection and monitoring to precision agriculture and professional photography and filming, legal use of drones is already revolutionizing several business sectors. Until recently, such commercial use of drones was illegal in the United States. USaS can help your business set up and operate a legal program compliant with all FAA, state, and local regulations.











UAS Program Design

For companies and government agencies that want to operate their own UAS programs, USaS is the perfect partner to advise on all aspects of setup and ongoing operations. Our team of experts can help you identify the right hardware, train your team in safe operations, provide ongoing repair and out-of-warranty support, and ensure your program remains fully compliant with ll FAA, state, and local regulations.

Regulatory Consulting

Local and State jurisdictions across the US are already developing UAS strategies as economic development tools. Our expert team understands federal, state, and local UAS regulations. We can help your jurisdiction create a UAS plan that can attract new business and investment to your community.

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