Recent Engagements

USaS provided certified and experienced UAV operators on short-notice to support Hurricane Maria recovery operations in Puerto Rico and restore critical telecommunication services. Our operators have the unique experience to help support our customers’ operations even under the most austere conditions.

USaS is a formal Team Partner and served as Lead UAS Consultant for Schuylkill County (PA) government’s application to the FAA’s recent UAS Integration Pilot Program (IPP). Our consultants have developed close professional relationships with the FAA’s UAS Integration Team and understand the regulatory, safety and operational requirements that both government and commercial organizations must comply with to initiate UAS flight operations. Additionally, we leverage our unique blend of subject matter expertise across the UAV, Telecommunications, National Security, Public Safety and Emergency Response industries to offer clients a best-in-industry partner/consultant. 

USaS is an active participant and provider of solutions for the FAA’s ongoing effort to develop and field a 21st-century Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) System. Our technical expertise and strategic partnerships provide clients with a provider of next generation technology that will enable low-level, precise navigation in the most congested airspace (i.e., urban and suburban regions). This technology will enable a multitude of UAS services to include: emergency responders using UAVs for public safety and protection of our most critical infrastructure, UAV package and personnel delivery, telecommunications and public utility inspections, material construction support, etc. 

Just as USaS understands the great potential for UAVs to provide advancements across the public safety and commerce sectors, we also recognize the potential for irresponsible or malicious users to threaten national or domestic security. USaS currently serves as a consultant for providers and users of Counter-UAS (cUAS) technology. Our regulatory and operational experts work closely within the cUAS community to provide our customers with cutting-edge solutions, training, and development of cUAS protocols that protect their interests.