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Tethered Drone System & Effective Aerial Surveillance

Effective aerial surveillance can be the difference between life and death for law enforcement, first responders, the military and event organizers. 

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a multi-million-dollar drones that provide the sort of persistent, dependable pictures and videos required.  But the solution is not low-end consumer or prosumer drones that need to have their batteries changed every 20 minutes, and either store images on cards or transmit them at wireless speeds of 10-100 Mbps / second.  

LEAP tethered drone system is the answer.  Deployable in minutes, LEAP stays in the air for hours at a time, carries the most advance surveillance payloads, and transmits data to the ground at gigabit speeds

Remote Surveillance

Border security, homeland security, and event security organizations want to have eyes in the sky and the option to control and view the high definition video feed from over a 100 miles away. They want the video feed to be both EO and IR and they would also like laser targeting. LEAP’s networked camera payload delivers on all of this plus more.

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