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Tethered Drone System - Take The LEAP!

Effective aerial surveillance can be the difference between life and death for law enforcement, first responders, the military and event organizers. 

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford multi-million-dollar #tethereddronesystems that provide the sort of persistent, dependable pictures and videos required.  But the solution is not low-end consumer or prosumer drones that need to have their batteries changed every 20 minutes, and either store images on cards or transmit them at wireless speeds of 10-100 Mbps / second.  

LEAP #tethereddronesystem is the answer.  Deployable in minutes, LEAP stays in the air for hours at a time, carries the most advance surveillance payloads, and transmits data to the ground at gigabit speeds

  • Commercially proven worlds largest payload capacity multi-rotor tether system.

  • Industries highest air to ground secure data throughput capacity

  • Best multi-mission UAV tethered system in the industry

To learn more about certified LEAP payloads or having your payload certified, contact USaS at or visit

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