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Is coronavirus changing the world of cleaning?

Cleaning and disinfecting really big spaces, like sports stadiums, presents a huge challenge. Lucid Drone Technologies has adapted its drones to spray disinfectant and can cover up to 23,000 sq ft (2,140 sq m) an hour. It is potentially a way to clean sports stadiums and the company says it is in talks with NFL teams.

Prior to the coronavirus outbreak, the drones were used for exterior cleaning of multi-story buildings, a business that has slowed down.

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, the company has built a dozen sanitation drones and has the ability to build 10 drones per week, says Lucid's co-founder and chief executive Andrew Ashur.

Six cleaning companies have already signed deals to use the sanitation drones and the first batch are being delivered this month. Mr Ashur says he has been asked about using his drones for dust suppression, cleaning and maintaining windmill turbines and water towers, and oddly enough, vulture repellent.

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