LEAP (Long Endurance Aerial Platform)

The World's Most Powerful Tethered UAV System

While UAVs are relatively easy to use and deploy, they have one major deficiency – flight time.

  • UAVs are more efficient but their batteries restrict flight time to thirty minutes or less;
  • Short flight time dramatically reduces effectiveness, especially for missions that require heavy payloads and long endurance; and
  • Battery capacity for UAVs will not be dramatically enhanced any time soon.

In addition, UAV to ground data transfer rates are slow.

  • UAVs must use wireless data transmission;
  • The wireless systems on UAVs cannot transmit large amount of data generated by cameras. telecom devices and sensors at high speeds;
  • Only a high powered tethered UAV can transmit data at anywhere near the speeds needed for real time use, especially in artificial intelligence-based systems.

A high powered, tethered UAV system solves the problems of flight time and data delivery by providing:

  • Unlimited power source; and
  • Ultra-high-speed data connectivity.

The tether gives corporate and government users the ability to carry large loads on powerful UAVs and keep them in the air for extended, multi-hour or multi-day missions. A LEAP UAV and its payload of cameras, sensor, telecom equipment, etc., can securely feed data to analytical, situational awareness or communications systems at gigabit/second speeds.

For the first time, LEAP makes heavy lift, long endurance, easy to operate and deploy UAVs available for use in the communications, surveillance, disaster recovery, media / TV, and constructions industries.