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LEAP is the only tethered UAV system that has been proven in mission critical, customer deployments across the country.


August USaS's LEAP v2 deployed to aid relief efforts after the Maui wildfires. 



May - USaS successfully completes customer acceptance of its Codan land mobile radio repeater for the LEAP Solo II system.

March - USaS introduces it new land mobile radio (LMR) 8W repeater

February - LEAP deployed by two major communications network providers at the 2023 Super Bowl

T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon gear up for Super Bowl (



August - USaS delivers the first LEAP system to T-Mobile Emergency Services for use in network redundancy and augmentation.

When Connections Matter Most, T-Mobile Is Ready (

July - USaS introduces LEAP V2 - USaS's lighter, more powerful, quicker to deploy tethered UAV system.

USaS LEAP V2 (Aug 2022) - YouTube

June - AT&T uses LEAP to demonstrate the first 5G transmission from a tethered drone.

AT&T: Flying 5G COW will be a game changer | Fierce Wireless

AT&T is Taking 5G to New Heights (

From hype to hotspots: AT&T’s 5G drones are bridging the digital divide | Mashable

April - USaS, in partnership with Trip Wireless delivers a LEAP system to Charter Communications.


November USaS and US Department of Homeland Security Customs and Border Protection deploy LEAP in the El Paso border sector with combined ISR and tactical radio payloads.

November - USaS demonstrates the first deployment of a digital antenna system (DAS) payload on a tethered UAV to provide carrier agnostic LTE communications.

May - USaS delivers it first LEAP XCountry, an untethered, gas/electric hybrid UAV that can carry 10+ lbs. payloads for 80+ miles or up to 2 hours for BVLOS operations, to AT&T.

LEAP XCountry Launch Video No Sound Track V1 - YouTube

May - USaS mesh networks LEAP systems more than 7 miles apart to deliver tactical radio communications and ISR capabilities to US Department of Homeland Security Customs and Border Protection.

April - USaS and AT&T demonstrate the use of LEAP to control a robot dog using LTE.

March - USaS delivers expanded tactical radio connectivity and ISR capabilities using a Trillium HD50 camera and Persistent Systems MPU5 Smart Radio mounted on a LEAP.  UAV control accomplished over the tether (i.e., no RF) and radio and video available on handheld devices and TAK devices.

ISR / Coms Integration - YouTube

March - USaS successfully mounts, tests, and flies an RF signal detector on an untethered UAV for AT&T.


September - USaS trains the next group of US Customs and Border Protection agents in the operation of LEAP with a combined ISR and tactical radio payload.

August - Two LEAP systems mesh networked 10 miles apart used by AT&T to relay target sensing data to a command center in in the ABMS "Onramp" exercise conducted by U.S. Air Force, U.S. Northern Command, and U.S. Space Force.

Advanced Battle Management System field test brings Joint Force together across all domains during second onramp > Air Force > Article Display (

DVIDS - Video - ABMS BROLL: AT&T drone supports ABMS (  (LEAP visible at :37 and 1:16)


September – LEAP successfully used to provide First Responders with mobile communications in a remote region in Northern California for a Search and Rescue training exercises.

FirstNet Flying COW Takes Flight to Help Search and Rescue Stay Ready (

March – LEAP used to provide augmented phone, internet and data service to thousands of parade goers at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in St. Louis, MO.

January – LEAP successfully tested as a way to provide mobile phone coverage to a remote part of one of the world’s largest military bases.


October – LEAP deployed by AT&T to Mexico Beach, FL to deliver mobile phone, internet and data service to thousands of victims and first responders following Hurricane Michael.

Hurricane Michael: Disaster Response Updates with AT&T (

‘Flying cow’ brings cell service back to Mexico Beach (

'Flying COW' Provided Emergency Cell Service in Florida (

September – LEAP partners with the New York State Department of Homeland Security to demonstrate high bandwidth video and LMR communications off the same UAV.

June – LEAP used to provide enhanced WiFi signals to scorers at a professional golf tournament.

May – LEAP used by AT&T o provide victims and first responders with phone, internet and data service in North Carolina following Hurricane Florence.

February – USaS used by one of the world’s largest defense contractors to test a classified counter-drone system requiring high power, security and very fast data rates.



Oct / Nov 2017 – AT&T's first official deployment of LEAP in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria, this is the first ever use of a tethered UAV to deliver wireless phone, internet and data service to consumers.

AT&T's First Official Deployment of Cell On Wings In Puerto Rico | AT&T - YouTube

Drones Are Here to Stay. Get Used to It | Time

February - USaS and AT&T test the prototype of the LEAP system, providing the first ever use of a tethered drone system to broadcast and receive LTE signals.

When COWs Fly | Watch AT&T's Cell on Wings (COW) in Action | AT&T - YouTube

Making Extreme Connections with AT&T’s All-Weather Flying COW (

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